It is impossible to cover every possibility in a single set of lenses which is why we offer personalized computer lenses, sunglasses, and more! 

Single Vision

Single vision lenses correct vision for just one distance. Think lenses for just far away, up close, or just for the computer. At Mountain View Eye Care we offer the newest technology for single vision lenses which makes a difference with visual clarity for astigmatic prescriptions. 

Lined Bifocal

A lined bifocal is a type of lens that will give you distance vision when you look above the line, and when you look below the line, you will reach your near vision. There is a visible line that separates the two. 

Progressive Lenses

Also known as a no-line bifocal, progressive lenses give you three different viewing areas in one lens. You get distance, intermediate, and near vision in one lens. We offer Hoyas' patented integrated dual side design (IDS) technology with added binocular harmonization technology and binocular eye model. These three combined provide a significant improvement in comfort and adaptation. 

Photochromic Lenses

Also known as transition lenses, photochromic lenses will darken outside and lighten up indoors. They reduce glare when activated, provide 100% protection against UV rays and offer blue light protection indoors and outdoors. 

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses provide less glare when driving and on bright days, and better visibility below the surface of the water. These can be customized multiple ways to make the perfect pair of sunnies! 

Anti Reflective Treatment

Also known as glare reducers!  We offer extreme scratch resistant coatings that also excel in smudge, dust, and water resistance. Whether you are looking for an anti glare that will help with night driving or a blue light protection for your screen time, our knowledgeable opticians would be happy to help you!


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